ILLEGAL dumping is becoming a big issue in Killarney and calls are being made for Kerry County Council to identify and punish the offenders.

Cllr Donal Grady said a survey conducted five years ago showed that 13 per cent of houses were unable to account for how they disposed their domestic refuse and the problem has escalated significantly.

“I have no doubt that the figure has soared since then,” he remarked.

Cllr Grady said evidence of illegal dumping can be seen on every by-road throughout the municipal district and he asked for immediate action to be taken.

Motion Raised 20/06/2018-Killarney MD

Over five years ago a survey was carried on out on behalf of Killarney Town Council which indicated that 13% of houses in Killarney were unable to account for disposing of their domestic refuse. I have no doubt that this figure has soared since then. I am proposing that we re-visit this immediately and take the appropriate action. Dumping can be seen in every by-road in our MD area at present.

Reply: The survey referred to in this motion was carried out by Killarney Town Council in its role as landlord of its social housing stock. Revised waste presentation Bye Laws were considered by the members at last Monday’s June Council Meeting. These will now be going out on public consultation for a period of three months and will be brought back before the members for formal adoption before the end of the year. There is provision in the Bye Laws to request householders to provide information regarding how they dispose of their waste, such powers are currently not available to the Council. There would also be resource implications to having a survey as suggested carried out.