IT has caused consternation for motorists for years but now a Killarney councillor is calling for action to finally tackle a junction that has been the scene of a number of minor collisions and countless near misses.

Cllr Donal Grady is concerned about safety on the short stretch of roadway leading from Fairhill to East Avenue Road, particularly where vehicles enter and exit at the roundabout at the Franciscan Friary.

There is some uncertainty about who has the right of way between traffic arriving at the junction from Park Road and vehicles entering from the Friary side of the roundabout where two lanes suddenly become one.

Cllr Grady is calling for two lanes to be introduced from the Friary going on to East Avenue Road, one with an arrow to turn off to the railway station and the other to go straight ahead towards the cinema.

“If we cannot, for some reason, do this, then narrow the road to one lane,” he said.

Cllr Grady has also voiced concerns about safety at crossings in the town which are not which are not officially designated as pedestrian crossings.

“It is at the discretion of the motorist to let you cross. We should erect signs at these crossings to let the people know, in the interest of health and safety,” he said.

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