09/01/2019-Killareny MD
Motion: That we would write to the appropriate Minister requesting the removal of fluoride from our drinking water from Loughguittane water supply and nationally.
Reply: Drinking Water fluoridation is part of Government public health and Irish Water policies. Fluoridation of water is supported by the Irish Forum on Fluoridation, the Irish Expert Body on Fluorides and Health, the World Health Organisation, the International Association for Dental Research and the World Dental Federation (FDI). All aspects of Fluoridation are financed by the HSE. This is a matter for resolution by the Members.

09/01/2019-Killarney MD
Motion: We have crossings in the Municipal Area which are not official pedestrian crossings. It is at the discretion of the motorist to let you cross. We should erect signs at these crossings to let the people know in the interest of health and safety.
Reply: There are 3 forms of at‐grade pedestrian crossing generally available for use on national roads:
• Uncontrolled crossing, often with a central refuge island.
• Controlled Zebra crossing, with black & white road markings and am-ber flashing beacons.
• Controlled Signalised crossing, with a pushbutton facility for the pe-destrian.

There is no requirement to provide pedestrian information signage at these loca-tions. Construction of these pedestrian crossings are in line with national guidance.

09/01/2019-Killarney MD
Motion: That we make two lanes across from the Friary going on to East Avenue Road, one with an arrow to turn off to the Railway Station and the other to go straight ahead. If we cannot for some reason do this, then narrow the road to one lane.
Reply: A review of the road network will be carried out at this location in Quarter 2 2019.

09/01/2019-Killarney MC
Motion: That we apply for funding to upgrade the roundabout at Lissivigeen because there is a part of it sinking.
Reply: The Lissivigeen Roundabout has been inspected, no part of it was found to be sinking.

21/01/2019-Full Council
Motion: To ask Kerry County Council what is the present situation regarding Broadband Service in the County and to clarify on whether there is a limit set on the distance from the fibre line at the road to a house or business
Reply: For an individual customer connection householders should contact the service provider to ascertain whether their property can be connected and the cost of that connection. For Eir fibre connections there is a limit of 50 m on overhead connections in place. Outside of this distance additional poles maybe required. A comprehensive report on the roll out of broadband was given to members recently setting out the percentage of the properties in the county that are currently covered by broadband. The situation is as follows. The Eir fibre roll out is continuing in Kerry. The most up to date figures available are up to the end of September 2018. At that point a total 53,464 properties in Kerry have access to high speed broadband in the County (60 % of all properties). The Eir fibre roll out to be completed by mid 2019 at which point 68% of properties will be covered. Locally based Kerry Internet Service companies continue to provide a valued services and continue to expand their services to include both wireless and fibre solutions throughout the County. Coverage details are available from each service provider on their web sites. Further progress of broadband availability in the county to the remaining 32% or 28,000 is dependent on the rollout of the National Broadband Plan.

06/03/2019-Killarney MD
Motion: That we Killarney Municipal District write to the appropriate Minister to seek funding to bring the sewer from Coolick School straight down to the top of the Park Hill to join up with Kilcummin Scheme.
Reply: Coolick School is located 5km from the top of the Park Hill and is also 5km from Kilcummin Village. Such a waste water pipeline through along this country road would be inconsistent with the proper planning and development of this very rural area and would be neither economically viable nor environmentally sustainable.

06/03/2019-Killarney MD
Motion: To ask Kerry County Council to extend the footpath from An Pairc up to Murphy Trailers in Gneeveguilla.
Reply: Irish Water have carried out the embankment repair works supporting the watermain tied to Annagh Bridge and Kerry County Council Operations Department will carry out the repair works to the bridge parapet wall in the coming weeks.

Motion: That we Killarney Municipal District would request our Engineers to line the faded road lines in the Municipal District area, including the disabled parking bays.
Reply: The Killarney Municipal District Office will continue to monitor and refresh faded road makings within the Killarney Municipal District.

11/03/2019-Full Council
Motion: That Kerry County Council would write to the appropriate Minister concerning the waiting times for driving tests. Currently, the wait is far too long, between 10-12 weeks.
Reply: This is a matter for consideration for the members.