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Killarney’s Town Manager has insisted there is no danger to the public from a building in the town. The issue of the building on High Street was raised by Councillor Donal Grady at the monthly meeting of Killarney Town Council.

In asking for an update about the building on High Street Councillor Grady said he didn’t want to see a repeat of what happened in Bangladesh recently.

Killarney Town Clerk Michael O’Leary told the meeting the authority is constructing a walkway for pedestrians for safety reasons. He said the building is anchored to adjoining buildings but there is a structural fault and he said if it collapsed it would probably fall straight down rather than outwards.

Town Manager John Breen said the building is privately owned and it has been neglected. He said the last thing the council wanted to do was say there was a fear factor adding the situation is under control and the structure isn’t a danger to the public