January 2012

“That Killarney Town Council would complete the tarmacing works at Arbutus Drive, Arbutus Grove and Maple Drive as the roads are in a deplorable condition.”

February 2012

“That we Killarney Town Council condemn the present Government as they are continuously targeting the law and middle class of our society with charges, such as increase of taxation on motor vehicles, household charges, increase in fuel prices since the budget, introduction of septic tank levy, the introduction of t.v. levy, etc.  We find every day this Government is establishing new levies.  If this continues we will have riots on our streets.”

April 2012

“That we Killarney Town Council would write to the Chief Garda Superintendent, the Garda Commissioner and to the relevant Minister requesting the provision of two dog units for Kerry (on a full time basis). The South Kerry coast is at present unprotected from Drug Entry. Also Kerry Airport is without sniffer dogs.”

May 2012

(i)         “That we Killarney Town Council would proceed immediately to cut down the tree branches which have the light blocked off from four ESB poles in the Ballycasheen Junction area.”

(ii)                           “As it appears inevitable that charges for domestic water are to be introduced and despite my objection or any reservations I might have on such charges and conscious that the charges are a bridge too far in so far as the general public are concerned, never the less, we Killarney Town Council call on the Government in the interest of a cleaner country/town that charges for refuse will be abolished and incorporated into the water charges as the lesser of two evils.”

June 2012

(i)         “That we Killarney Town Council would upgrade part of the surface of the road from Chestnut Drive to Deerpark Road.  This is a very busy road being used by the residents and also several hundred parents carrying their children to and from the Gaelscoil.  There is a dip on the road which requires immediate urgent attention as water lodges in it during wet weather and as a result children are getting wet on their way to school.”

(ii)        “That we Killarney Town Council would ban the use of amplification by Buskers and all other users on the Streets of Killarney. Also that we would prohibit the sale of certain goods at Market Cross which effects the rate payers of the town.”

July 2012

“That Killarney Town Council would take appropriate action through the Joint Policing Committee, where we and the Gardai have reports concerning people who are frightened in their own homes by people living close by in rented accommodation as a result of drink and drug parties.”

September 2012

(i)         “That we Killarney Town Council would again write to the appropriate Minister requesting legislation to be put in place regulating the cash for gold shops.”

(ii)        “That Killarney Town Council would immediately put in place a right of way from Muckross View to Muckross Road as it is now over a year since the matter has been brought to our attention.  It is very unfair on the residents of Muckross View.”

November 2012 (brought forward from October mtg.)

(i)         “That we Killarney Town Council would write to the appropriate authorities requesting that Loughguittane Lake, which is the public water supply for Killarney and other parts of Kerry, is brought up to EPA and European Standards before any water charges are brought into Killarney.”

(ii)        “That Killarney Town Council would request Kerry County Council to put traffic calming measures in place on Port Road to prevent speeding which is taking place on this stretch of road.  These measures are required as there are schools and a playground along this section of road


 January 2011

“That we Killarney Town Council will take some form of meaningful action to get the statue at the Killarney Community Hospital re-instated to its rightful place, i.e. directly over the front door.”

“That we Killarney Town Council would write to the Government to seek funding from the allocation recently announced by them to help with severe winter conditions.  This funding to go towards the deepening of service pipes to those houses which have been left without water for the second year running in all affected areas within the town.  I have previously raised this problem in February in 2010.”

February 2011

“That we Killarney Town Council would introduce Bye-laws which would prohibit busking on the streets of Killarney during office hours.”

“That we Killarney Town Council would write to SKDP Ltd. regarding the new scheme (TUS) available which would allow funding to be used within the urban area.  This should be investigated further while funding is available.”

March 2011

“That we Killarney Town Council would write to the appropriate authorities requesting a left turn only at the top of Lewis Road and the reduction of the speed limit to 50km per hour on the By-Pass for 150 metres on either side of junctions in the interest of Health & Safety.”

“that we Killarney Town Council would write to all appropriate authorities, i.e. Kerry County Council and the NRA, concerning the in-appropriate layout of junction at Mission Road/Cathedral Place. The present layout is dangerous and is slowing down the flow of traffic.”

April 2011

“That we Killarney Town Council get on to the appropriate authority to fix the two lights on Deerpark Road as they have not been working for the past three years.”

May 2011

“That we Killarney Town Council would enter immediate talks with the relevant people with a view to relocating the Catering College to Killarney.”

“That the Executive would explain to the Members of Killarney Town Council as to why it is now more difficult to apply for housing for Killarney Town Council.  Please explain the changes in criteria from one year ago (we should be making it easier and not harder for people who are applying).”

June 2011

“That we Killarney Town Council would write to the relevant Government Ministers, and if necessary the EU, to immediately stop the payment of Children’s Allowance in respect of children not living in this country, as we are finding it extremely difficult to get entitlements for the people living in this country.”

“That we Killarney Town Council would contact Kerry County Council urgently to repair the sunken manholes in High Street in the region of Eager’s Shop and also at the Park Road exit onto the Park Road Roundabout.  There is a big dip in the road that two barrows of tarmac would fill.  There are cars being damaged in both areas.”

July 2011

“That we Killarney Town Council would write to Vodafone Headquarters requesting that coverage to the Killarney area would be examined urgently as people are experiencing extreme difficulty with using Vodafone.  I have contacted them on a weekly basis over the past three months on this issue and to no avail.”

September 2011

“that we Killarney Town Council would write to An Taoiseach and appropriate Ministers expressing our concerns regarding the proposed series of cuts to fuel and household allowances relating to pensioners, carers and the unemployed which were recently announced. The €65m saved will come at a price, and that price is going to be paid by some of the most vulnerable in our society who will be left struggling and at risk during the winter months. Meanwhile at the other end of the scale fuel costs have increased dramatically, i.e. gas, ESB, coal and oil.”

“that we Killarney Town Council would write to the Permits Authority in Dublin expressing our grave concerns with regard to the increased number of street collectors coming into Killarney from outside of the County.  Permission is being granted by a Judge, Superintendent and Fire Officer based in Dublin, who have no knowledge of Kerry or Killarney.   The authority to grant permits in Kerry should be given to the Chief Superintendent in Kerry.  These collectors do not have insurance indemnifying Killarney Town Council.”

October 2011

“That we Killarney Town Council request the National Parks & Wildlife Service to remove the overhead wires from the Deenagh Lodge Cottage out to the main entrance as they are very unsightly.  These wires to be placed underground.”

November 2011

“That Killarney Town Council would immediately take steps to clean all gullies in the Killarney Town Council area as ome of them are full up with earth and grass at present.  This work should be carried out prior to the winter months as this will lead to flooding in different areas of Killarney.

“That we Killarney Town Council would immediately seek funding for the erection of traffic lights at the entrance of Ardshanavooly as the residents are finding it next to impossible to exit the estate.  As part of this a traffic management plan should be prepared for the Park Road/Ardshanavooly areas as this was required previously.”

December 2011

“that we Killarney Town Council would immediately rectify the flooding which is taking place in Ballycasheen Road, from the Silver Springs Guesthouse to Ultan Breen’s.  Water is going into Ultan Breen’s house.  This flooding is caused by the raising of the road by this Council.  This matter was brought to the attention of the Executive over a year ago and nothing has been done.”

Notices of Motion 2010 – Cllr. D. Grady

January 2010

“that we Killarney Town Council would change both pedestrian crossing lights on the Mission Road from flashing to button stop and that additional public lighting would be provided adjacent to the pedestrian crossing on Mission Road on the Cathedral side”.

“Since recent works on the Muckross Road the traffic lights at Woodlawn Cross are not working as they were previously. Motorists coming from Woodlawn are suffering long delays. I am requesting that the lights would revert back to the way they were prior to recent works being carried out.”

February 2010

“That we Killarney Town Council carry out  full investigation into the depth of underground pipes, i.e. pipes from mains into each household, in all local authority housing developments. Are these done in accordance with specification by Local Authorities and Department of the Environment.

There was a lot of heart ache and hardship during the recent cold weather and this affected mostly local authority houses. This should never again be allowed happen and steps should be taken to alleviate this problem.”

March 2010

“That we Killarney Town Council would seek information from the County Enterprise Board on how they can help small businesses to get established and how they can help existing small businesses to continue in the Killarney area. The reason being to help the people that are presently struggling.”

‘That Killarney Town Council would request an update from the relevant authority on the proposed roundabout on the By-Pass for the medical centre. In the interest of safety it will be very important for this to go ahead’.

April 2010

“That we Killarney Town Council would contact H.S.E. to put back the statue on top of the Killarney Community Hospital, as it was since 1930s approx., as soon as possible.  Also all the other statues that may have been removed from inside the hospital.”

May 2010

“That we Killarney Town Council would look at when the name of St. Brendan’s Terrace was officially changed to St. Brendan’s Place.  If this was not changed properly we should proceed to do so, in keeping with the residents wishes.”

June 2010

 “That we Killarney Town Council would include in its 2011 Road Works Programme the completion of tarmacing works for the following areas :-  Arbutus Drive, Maple Drive and Arbutus Grove as half of this has been completed and a wonderful job has been done on it.”

“That we Killarney Town Council would request the appropriate authority (Kerry County Council or NRA) to reline the pedestrian crossings and all other places within the urban area as this situation is extremely dangerous and people are in danger of getting knocked down.  We should also consider requesting that the Health and  Safety Officer from Kerry County Council examine the areas referred to.”

July 2010

“That we Killarney Town Council would take immediate action with regard to the lack of coach parking facilities on the Railway Road on Sunday afternoons, as coaches are unable to get parking and are then moving onto other towns to shop.  Cars are presently parking in the designated coach parking areas on a Sunday.”

“That we Killarney Town Council would write to the relevant Government Minister requesting a reduction in commercial rates for the period of one year for new businesses which are being established (this would not include businesses which have closed down and re-opened again in a new name)”.

September 2010

“That we Killarney Town Council would write to the relevant Minister requesting the re-instatement of the Christmas bonus double payment to those from whom it was taken.  I would also request that we would write to the leaders of The Labour Party and Fine Gael to ascertain their position on the above issues.”

“That we Killarney Town Council get onto the appropriate authorities re. closing down the top of Lewis Road as an exit to the By Pass as this is an extremely dangerous junction.  We should seek to put a roundabout at this location or in close proximity to incorporate the Kilcummin junction, with an accident approximately once every two weeks in the summer months.  One death has occurred at this location.”

October 2010

“That we Killarney Town Council would put a time limit of 12.00/1.00 p.m. on all on-street loading bays and have a further discussion on loading bays located in car park.”

“That Killarney Town Council pursue the owners of the building site at the entrance to Doirin Alainn with a view to cleaning up this site as it is in a bad state with building materials, etc.”

November 2010

“That the Killarney Town Council in the interest of safety would take measures to make safe the exiting junction at Countess Grove on to Countess Road by writing to the H.S.E. regarding the house which blocks full vision on this junction.”

“That we Killarney Town Council would resurface the far end of Coolegrean Park and also provide two additional public lights.  The surface hasn’t been touched in forty-two years.  Additional lights are required as far end is very dark.  Kerbing is also required in this estate.”

December 2010

“That we Killarney Town Council would write to the appropriate authority (the National Park and Wildlife Services) requesting the opening of locked gate at Ballydowney which has been locked for the last number of years.  This gate is blocking a right of way to a Killarney Walk which has been used for over a hundred years.  It is now beginning to become overgrown.  This walk joins up with the Fossa Way walk in one direction and in the other direction with Knockreer.  It is a very safe walk as the pedestrian is away from all traffic.”

“That we Killarney Town Council introduce traffic calming measures in St. Mary’s Terrace as the traffic is passing at an alarming speed.  Also parts of St. Mary’s Terrace needs urgent resurfacing.”


July 2009

“That we Killarney Town Council would consider allotting garden plots (allotments) to the people of Killarney who are interested, as we have ten acres north of the By-Pass which we are unable to use over the next number of years.”

“That we Killarney Town Council would actively pursue the provision of a playground between Celtic and Legion fields.  Such a facility is urgently required for the children of the area.  I did propose this over two years ago.”

September 2009

“That we Killarney Town Council will write to the Minister for Arts, Sports and Tourism and the Minister for Social Welfare requesting that unused space in the new offices at New Road Killarney be used by the Department of Social Welfare instead of premises at St. Anthony’s Place.  This would enable to get people in from the bad weather and also provide more privacy.”

October 2009

“That we Killarney Town Council would complete works at Woodlawn Drive, i.e. footpaths and removal of electrical wires (as ducting has been put in place four years ago).”

“That we Killarney Town Council would resurface our section of  Arbutus Drive, Arbutus Grove and Maple Drive.”

November 2009

“That we Killarney Town Council will provide funding for a double light at Dromhall Heights, Dromhall, Killarney, as funding was not available in the Road Works Programme for 2009.”

December 2009

“that businesses in Killarney have been issued with warning letters to remove bill board signs, etc. from outside their premises.  We went through all this approximately five years ago re. sandwich boards, etc., and came up with the solution that common sense should prevail.  At the start of each of the recent warning letters it states that Tidy Towns is the number one priority.  When flowers are taking over from jobs and businesses closing down, it is time to get rid of the flowers.”

“that we Killarney Town Council would provide funding in the 2010 Estimates to provide six car parking spaces across from 124 Ballyspillane, Killarney.”