Cllr. D. Grady

“That we Killarney Town Council would speed up the process in sorting out the sinking houses, whether it be Town Council insurance or private insurance, at Ballyspillane, Killarney.”

“That we, Killarney Town Council, would immediately employ a full time Litter Warden (if necessary from within the staff) as the litter, dumping and dog fouling problem is at an all time high and is not being monitored. In the interim, one of the existing Traffic Wardens should be re-deployed three days a week as Litter Warden. We must get serious with this ongoing problem.”

“That we Killarney town Council ask the relevant Local Authorities to include the Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty Road as a two way system in the plans for the roundabout at the top of High Street, in order to allow traffic into that road, and to produce the original plans for the roundabout so we the Council can view them.”

“That we Killarney Town Council would immediately go into negotiations with the owners of the Lawn Cemetery in Aghadoe, as the option was available to us up to a year ago. The number of spaces remaining at present in Killarney is 20 spaces.”