Cllr. D. Grady

“That we Killarney Town Council would write to the relevant authorities to place local building contractors from this county on tender list for building works within this county.”

Cllrs. D. Grady / S. O’Grady

“That we Killarney Town Council would overlay part of Hazelwood Drive as it is in a deplorable condition.”

Cllrs. D. Grady / J. O’Donoghue

““That a material variation to the Killarney Development Plan 2009 be made under Section 13 (Variation of Development Plan) of the Planning and Development Act 2000 to amend the zoning of lands in Ballycasheen as follows:- amend zoning from ‘Medium Density Residential Development” to “Recreation Amenity and open space.” The location of the affected area is as shown coloured on the attached map.””