I’ve received many complaints about the behaviour of many rally supporters over the weekend. While I acknowledge that the majority of rally fans are respectful and are true followers and supporters of the sport, I do however concede that the rally attracts an element where donuts and antisocial behaviour where residents feel like prisoners in their own homes is the norm. These people are not true supporters of the sport of rallying and do it a great injustice.

Many residents of Killarney are aware of the commercial benefit to the town and would be in favour of having the Rally move to a quieter weekend.  While this idea has merit it still does not solve the issue of the antisocial behaviour, it simply shifts the problem to a different weekend. Others suggest cancelling or banning the Rally, caution is perhaps needed in this approach as even with a ban on the rally being hosted; the minority intent on causing disruption could still travel en masse to engage in unsavoury behaviour out of spite. The big risk with this is that Killarney may not have the required Garda presence in place to deal with such a scenario.

As a member of the Policing Committee I will be seeking a solution to this emotive issue with the relevant authorities .