The abolition of Town Councils by the Fine Gael & Labour Government without consultation with the people should be viewed as a form of dictatorship. It has been my fear and the fear of others that Killarney will be at a loss without a local council. The Council over the years has been diligent in relation to its budget while also investing in infrastructure & social projects and keeping rates as low as possible.

I was more disappointed rather than shocked today, when I saw on the Radio Kerry Website that the commercial rates in Killarney are set to increase.  Is this the start of things to come?

Killarney’s commercial rate will increase. That’s according to County Manager Tom Curran, who said following the abolition of town councils, commercial rates in Tralee, Killarney, and Listowel will have to be harmonised. He told the final meeting of Kerry County Council that to reduce Killarney’s commercial rate would cost the local authority millions. Killarney’s commercial rate is currently set at €70, the lowest rate in the county. –