The Killarney Town Development Plan sets out the overall strategy for the proper planning and development of the town. The existing Development Plan was adopted in March 2009 and remains in force until March 2015.

Killarney Town Council will commence the preparatory process for the review of the Plan on the 20th March 2013 with the publication of the Issues Paper and the commencement of the period of public consultation on the Issues Paper. The review of the Plan is to be completed within two years.

Plan preparation is in three stages

Stage 1 : Pre – draft

Stage 2 : Preparation of the Draft Plan

Stage 3 : Making the Development Plan

Public input at the start of the plan process is important so that the Development Plan reflects public aspirations and concerns as well as government policy, strategies and guidelines. This Issues Paper has been prepared as Stage 1 of the process. It is intended to stimulate public debate on the planning issues that the 2015 to 2021 Development Plan might address. It deals with some of the main issues under various headings. These issues are not an exhaustive list and you are invited to raise other matters as you consider relevant. Individual zoning submissions are not appropriate at this stage in the plan preparation process. Submissions are sought on the more strategic issues such as the overall vision for the town, development strategy, sustainable development and environmental issues.

KT DP 2015-2021 draft issues paper